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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 11 April, 2014.

    V3TRONIX .50 CAL

    Price:  $179.99

    Not content to rest on our laurels, we've been hard at work on the V3 .50 Cal Bullet Mod, improving on an already impressive design. We've kept the same high standards of craftsmanship on the V3 .50 Cal that's been getting glowing reviews from users and reviewers alike. "Unbelievable", "absolutely gorgeous", "exceeds expectations", "some of the finest machining I've seen", "sick", "dope", "must have".. yea, this has all been said about the V3 .50 Cal. Our baby. And now, introducing a few industry first features in Version 2.0.. For users who insist on installing atty with problematic threads and end up wreaking havoc on the 510 threading, know that your folly is not a dead end alley where you might get mugged. V3tronix brings a user replaceable atty connector, which is also height adjustable to accommodate flat top battery. The battery contact is also height adjustable, using a coin or flat head screwdriver. We had noticed how batteries could be slightly different dimensions (even batteries of the same brand) and we poked our brains for a solution to this occasional rattling/loose battery issue. With these new height adjustment features, you should be able to dial down precisely to the unique measurements of your particular battery, ensuring a truly solid feeling device in your hand. When used in combination with the optional 18490/18500 Battery Extension, the V3 .50 Cal should be able to fit any sort of battery or configuration you'd like to throw at it. The battery extension now comes in the exact same stunning finish as the rest of the mod, a brilliant stainless steel that's polished to shine. If you purchase the extension at the same time as your device, the individual pieces will be hand-polished together to achieve the seamless finish that's had people's jaws dropping. Highly recommended.

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